Improving Our Local Economy Through Business Infrastructure

Visit website to ESBP here: Eastern Shoshone Business Park – Riverton, WY Business Park.

In the last several years, the Eastern Shoshone Tribe --headquartered in Fort Washakie, Wyoming-- has looked for ways to diversify their economy. Tribal leaders took a big step in 2018 when they finally secured plans to establish the Eastern Shoshone Business Park in Riverton, Wyoming, a neighboring town roughly 40 miles east of Fort Washakie.

ESBP PUD is a 304 Acre planned Mixed Use Development incorporating Retail, Commercial, Residential, Office, Industrial, Event Development, and Open Space that will provide the City of Riverton, Fremont County, and the surrounding area, with much-needed goods and services over time. It is envisioned that development of the site will occur in multiple phases over a period of many years.

In order to accomplish development plans, the Shoshone Tribe created a Limited Liability Company and transferred the property from the Tribe to SITTA LLC or Shoshone Indian Tribe Tribal Acquisition.

In May of 2018, a land dedication event was held in advance of any construction work to be done. Tribal leaders, stakeholders, city residents, tribal members and many others came together to witness a special moment for the Shoshone Tribe.

Watch this drone video showing the Eastern Shoshone Business Park before any construction began.

In May of 2019, the tribe celebrated with a groundbreaking event marking the beginning of a new era for the Shoshone Tribe. Although the plans envisioned could not be immediately seen, tribal leaders emphasized the changes and opportunities coming to the community and for its people.

The first phase of the project consisted of 50 acres and located in the southwestern portion of the property directly north and adjacent to the existing WalMart store. This phase included the construction of three new roads, Eastern Shoshone Parkway, Sitta Drive, and Unity Boulevard, along with the installation of the water, sanitary sewer, and storm sewer systems, dry utilities, and the overall site grading of the property. Construction is ongoing and it’s ready for immediate development opportunities.

At the end of 2019, crews worked on the regional storm-water detention facility -- a project including SITTA LLC, the City of Riverton, and the Wyoming Department of Transportation.
As presented to the Riverton City Council early 2019, the facility serves to mitigate flood risk, restrict rates of discharge for storm-water, and improve the quality of water injected into the Wind River. The three parties involved entered into a cost allocation agreement in July.
SITTA, LLC, will cover 25% of the total cost which is roughly $1.3 million. McCarty Excavation & Construction out of Colorado was awarded the project contract.

In addition to that work, the contractor placed excavated pond material onto the ESBP. Look for updates on prospective users of the ESBP here and on our Facebook page.